Home Camp 4


Details have now been posted for Home Camp 4 on

The cost is £10 per day, or £17.50 for the full weekend (plus booking fees) – to include lunch and refreshments.




29th/30th October 2011



Centre for Creative Collaboration (C4CC) in London UK


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What is this all about?

The latest in the series of meetups to learn and discuss automated management of home energy resources.


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Coverage of Home Camp 3 can be found at



You can see videos from Home Camp 08 over at


Virtual Home Camp on OpenSim

ReactionGrid are expected to provide a new Land on their latest wizzy grid for Homecamp4.


Previous Home Camp

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Useful CodeSave

CurrentCost data parsing:



Additional resources for Current Cost hacking :-)



Kinda like RSS for small devices, but without the polling bottleneck issues.


Open source client, written in Ruby -


Not sure where to put other links about energy monitoring (not current cost). Pls advise.

Here's one on @paul_tanner's blog.