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Home Camp 2

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Sign-up for Home Camp

Add your name to the list below to attend the next home Camp. 



Saturday 25th April 2009, 10am until 6pm.



Bash Creations, 65-71 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4PJ.

A map of the venue is here.


The Blog

Head over to the blog for new videos and Home Camp announcements.







(please add photos to the Flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/homecamp/)



You can see videos from Home Camp 08 over at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/homecamp.


Virtual Home Camp on OpenSim

We have a HomeCamp sim on ReactionGrid, OpenSim. More details here.


Previous Home Camp

You can see the Home Camp 08 Page Here


Join the Home Camp Conversation

Home Camp is an unconference and the content is very much driven by attendees.  Join the discussion on the Home Camp Google Group


Complementary gift from CurrentCost

Martin Dix of CurrentCost has generously offered a new individual appliance monitor to participants.

Those who registered their address before Tuesday 28 April should receive this by post in the coming days.

Martin has confirmed that the boards have arrived, and should be dispatched on Thursday 30 April.


Sign-up for Home Camp 09

  1. Chris Dalby twitter.com/yellowpark  blog
  2. Adrian McEwen twitter.com/amcewen blog Mazzini - my energy monitoring project
  3. Nick Taylor twitter.com/nicktaylor blog
  4. Chris Phillips twitter.com/cminion blog TwitterHouse
  5. Dale Lane twitter.com/dalelane blog 
  6. Nick O'Leary twitter.com/knolleary blog
  7. Dan W @iamdanw blog
  8. Paul McMahon, Episensor trying to attend virtually on Reaction Grid. http://www.twitter.com/pauljmcmahon
  9. Christopher Burman twitter.com/cburman
  10. Luke Nicholson
  11. Paul Tanner twitter blog (referring to project)
  12. Alan Wood twitter.com/folknology Blog OHH Projects 
  13. Nigel Crawley Twitter
  14. James Smith Twitter Blog
  15. Jamie Andrews Twitter
  17. usman Twitter  Pachube
  18. Joe Baguley http://twitter.com/joebaguley
  19. Michelle Gleave Twitter blog 
  20. Aideen McConville
  21. Benjamin Ellis twitter blog: business stuff benjamin stuff
  22. David Lockie twitter.com/divydovy business friendfeed
  23. Jamie Bennett twitter blog
  24. Ian Jørgensen http://twitter.com/jorgensen_ian
  25. Graeme Sutherland http://twitter.com/grasuth
  26. Chris Adams twitter.com/chris_d_adams
  27. Helen Bowyer http://twitter.com/helenbowyer
  28. Vlad Trifa blog: webofthings.com
  29. Jim Blackler blog: jimblackler.net
  30. Robert Brook http://robertbrook.com 
  31. Oliver Goh Twitter  http://shaspa.com
  32. Alexis Biller Twitter/Lxs blog
  33. Tim Cox
  34. Ben Laurie http://www.links.org/
  35. Raffi Krikorian twitter.com/raffi twitter.com/wattzon www.wattzon.com (planning a UK trip mid to end of april and would love to show up)
  36. Ben Pirt
  37. Ken Boak
  38. Steven Kelly
  39. Ben Maxwell twitter.com/benmaxwell
  40. Mick Killianey
  41. Simon Arnold  simonjarnold@gmail.com
  42. Gareth Western Twitter garethwestern.com

   56. Simon Perry @simonperry Digital-Lifestyles

   57. James Norris Nitro Mobile Social Media Strategist

   58. Simon Yapp Twitter

   59. David Balharrie Twitter

   60. MikeTheBee twitter.com/mikethebee

   61. Brent Bucknum [on behalf of the hyphae design laboratory]

   62. Tish Shute Twitter, Ugotrade

   63. Chris Hart Twitter, ReactionGrid

   64. Tim Duckett @timd www.adoptioncurve.net


   66. Damian Finn

   67. Saqib Shaikh (http://twitter.com/SaqibS)

   68. Lawrence Griffiths http://www.avek.co.uk

   69. John Price (john@nxtgenug.net)

   70. Bart Van Der Meerssche Jokamajo Flukso

   71. Trystan Lea http://www.openenergymonitor.org

   72. Steve Lamb twitter

   73. Mark Hindess http://www.xpl-perl.org.uk/


   75. Jon Menzies-Smith

   76. Jakub Czaplicki twitter.com/kupsztal (I'll be there @ ~ 12:00 )

   77. Duncan Wilson http://twitter.com/djdunc  http://blogs.driversofchange.com/emtech/

   78. George Weller

   79. James Devine http://twitter.com/pingu_98

   80. Greta Corke http://www.diykyoto.com   http://twitter.com/gclondon

   81. Robert Lee-Cann twitter

   82. Iain Sharp website and blog

   83. Annie Spinster http://anniespinster.wikidot.com

   84. Carl Collins

   85. Laurie Reynolds http://twitter.com/lauriekr



Can't Make it But Keep me in the Loop


  1. Andy Stanford-Clark @andysc
  2. Dave Pentecost @dpentecost, The Daily Glyph
  3. Mark Pitts
  4. Massimo Dore (maxdod@libero.it)
  5. Phoebe Bright Blog  Twitter  (hoping to follow if streaming???!)
  6. James Taylor twitter.com/jtonline blog
  7. Josh Levine (got my finals starting on the 28th so should probably stay in the library!)
  8. Matt Patterson twitter.com/fidothe blog  
  9. Chris Hodgins twitter.com/chrishodgins
  10. Nicholas Humfrey twitter.com/njh

  11. Jamie Young blog

  12. Andy Piper twitter.com/andypiper blog CC iPhone app (sorry to pull out! looking forward to following blogs, video and twitter etc.)

  13. Gordon Joly http://www.theloopzilla.org/

  14. Rob Smart @robsmart robsmart.co.uk (also had to pull out :( )

  15. Andrew Whitehouse @awhitehouse

  16. Jamie I twitter.com/jamiei blog (Very upset to have to pull out but will look forward to catching up with the blogs, videos and twitter reporrts after).

  17. Roo Reynolds twitter.com/rooreynolds rooreynolds.com (sorry.. can't be there but have fun without me)

  18. Dirk Krause, twitter.com/dirkk0

  19. Gavin Bell twitter.com/zzgavin (unable to attend, have fun)

  20. Warren Moore Twitter (sorry, can't make it. will follow online. have fun!)

  21. Charlton Barreto twitter.com/charltonb blog (sorry, won't be able to attend, have fun)


Request for Session Topics

Please suggest a topic for a session at Home Camp.  Get involved.  We are not asking everyone to present a topic, but we welcome everyone to present a topic at Home Camp.


1.  Current Cost basics - xml, databasing, graphing. posting to pachube and external services (Chris Dalby)

2. Low power servers/computing devices - Talk about the work 3fficient is doing to reduce server and compute power consumption (@folknology)

3. Using AMEE for neutral energy data aggregation (James Smith & Jamie Andrews).


4. Quick reports on projects that are up and running since last time


5. What do we know about meters being installed (based on submissions)


6. Google's PowerMeter project


7.  Can this group help to develop 'lego' bricks to allow a wider net of non-techies to start innovating?  Eg. a brick that turns things on and off depending on temperature range/temperature difference or a brick that measure sunlight and sends output as a message...  Like code snippets that work within a framework, but actual devices that someone without soldering skills can use.


8. Onzo - where we are at - and hackability of our Smart Energy Kit


9. The Web of Things: Home Automation on the Web. Plug and play devices and built your own mashups on top of an ecosystem of Web-enabled objects. We will show some prototypes of our current work, and illustrate fast prototyping of applications using our soon-to-be-released-in-open-source software.


10. Spreading the word, how to get schools and community involved in 'maker' projects to raise awareness of smart homes in practice. (requested by MikeTheBee)


11. Happy to present on EnOcean self-powered  wireless sensors & systems which are widely used in building automation. [I have declare a conflict I distribute this stuff for a living but it means have lots toys  to show] (Lawrence Griffiths). 


12. Flukso is a community metering application developed by the Jokamajo Institute. We'd be happy to present the application and share its implementation details.


13. John Price is happy to present on using Windows Media Center as the hub to control devices around the home - if you would like.


14. A Nudge and a Wink - Changing behaviours - A short session on what behavioural economics and psychology teach us about system design that creates change. (Benjamin Ellis).


15. Pachube.com roundup: lots of things have progressed since the last homecamp, including expansion of the API, the launch of the Pachube.apps repository and a number of community-contributed tools, libraries and apps, so we can talk about these and answer any questions in person.


16. If I'd attended I was going to talk about my Twittering weather station. (andypiper)


17. Would be interesting to have a round-up / comparison of the different home energy monitoring solutions / devices.




Useful CodeSave

CurrentCost data parsing:



Additional resources for Current Cost hacking :-)



Kinda like RSS for small devices, but without the polling bottleneck issues:


Open source client, written in Ruby - http://mqtt.rubyforge.org/


Not sure where to put other links about energy monitoring (not current cost). Pls advise.

Here's one on @paul_tanner's blog.



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