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This is an archive of the Home Camp 08 event that happened on Saturday 29th November 2008 at Imperial College London.


Home Camp is an unconference about using technology to monitor and automate the home for greener resource use and to save costs.  This is about low energy devices and servers, reducing your electricity bills, monitoring your mouse traps, home automation, monitoring your water usage, using solar power.  This is a hack day.  If you are interested in coming along, then please add your name to the list below and we would love to see you. 




*** A lot of people are assuming they will get a shiny new CurrentCost CC128 meter on Saturday.

Please be aware that stocks of this meter are not yet available, but all attendees will be able to sign up

to receive one when they arrive in (hopefully) December ***

This is mentioned on the blog, but not everyone's seen it!



10am to 5pm, 29th November 2008

There are no drinky poos or meal planned after this time unless people would like it.  I figure everyone will want to buzz off, as it is a Saturday.  So if you want this, or would like to sponsor drinks and meal, let me know and I will be happy.



Imperial College London - Here's a MAP.  Or info http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/campusinfo/southkensington

Rooms:     Elec Rm 509A, Elec Rm 509B

Building:     Electrical Engineering


Live Streaming

If you can’t come along in person, we’re hoping to stream as much as we can over at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/homecamp.




As this is an unconference the content is very much driven by attendees. If you would like to present a topic, then join the discussion on the Home Camp Google Group and update the list below or email dalbyc [at] gmail [dot] com.    Expect to see demos of:


using a current cost meter to monitor electricity

using Really Small Message Broker for home automation

Making your house tweet

Saving energy with low power servers and devices like a Linksys SLUG or Viglen.

Monitoring water supply

Monitoring gas usage 


What is all this about?


Home Camp brings together anyone interested in monitoring and automation of the home using devices like Current Cost meters and RSMB.  There is some great work being done, particulary with Current Cost meters, and Home Camp aims to build on the momentum of this work and help establish a community to continue to exchange new ideas, hacks and scripts.


With energy bills increasing and the cost of oil constantly up and down to eye watering levels, it is in all our interests to take a smarter and more up-to-date approach to managing our resource usage and impact.


A Current Cost meter is a device that can easily be used to monitor your electricity usage at home or anywhere you are using energy and requires no electrical expertise to install.  Attaching a serial cable to a Current Cost and connecting to a computer, opens up the ability to get realtime and historical data regarding your energy usage, or the first step in a home automation system, or the first step to a twittering house.  You can see a blog post about installing a Current Cost meter here


Here's a background post about Home Camp.


So who's involved with Home Camp?

Chris Dalby (@yellowpark) is organising Home Camp with Dale Lane who works for IBM and James Governor has pledged GreenMonk sponsorship.  I have also bounced this idea off numerous people that I hope will also become officially involved.  If you would like to get involved, let us know!


Home Camp Supporters

Home Camp is supported by Current Cost and GreenMonk.


Home Camp Links

The Homecamp Blog

Homecamp on Upcoming

Homecamp on Facebook

Homecamp discussion on Google Groups


Useful Code

CurrentCost data parsing:


Confirmed names Attending Home Camp

Please add your names to the list if you are coming along along with a link to your twitter and blog if you wish.


1. Chris Dalby - twitter  blog

2. Dale Lane - twitter blog

3. Benjamin Ellis - twitter blog

4. David Lockie - twitter / website (will only be able to make p.m. so happy to give up place if a whole day attender wants it)

5. Antony Ribot - twitter blog

6. James Smith - twitter blog

7. Steve Lamb  - twitter blog

8. James Governor - monkchips@twitter monkchips blog

9. Jerome Ribot - twitter blog

10. Andy Stanford-Clark - home automation twitter my twittering house

11. Adrian McEwen - twitter blog

12. Nigel Crawley - twitter

13. Nicholas O'Leary - twitter blog

14. Richard Keen - twitter blog

15. Colm McMullan - twitter

16. Nick Taylor - twitter blog

17. Laurence Tondelier (Eurotherm)

18. Usman Haque (www.pachube.com & www.haque.co.uk )

19. Warren Moore - twitter

20. Jeff Easter - site twitter

21. Chris Adams - site twitter

22. Matt Patterson  - twitter blog

23. Sam Sethi  - twitter

24. Rob Veck - twitter

25. Christopher Burman

26. Phoebe Bright blog twitter (added again as seem to have been lost!)

27. Birce Ozdurmus - twitter

28. Paul Tanner - blog

29. Josh Levine

30. Dan W - twitter, blog

31. Chris Hodgins - twitter

32. Andy Piper - twitter blog

33. Chris Phillips - twitter twitterhouse

34. Riccardo Cambiassi - - twitter / blog

35. Helen Bowyer - twitter

36. James Taylor (have to leave early to get back down South for a wedding though) - twitter.com/jtonline & twitter.com/jthouse

37. Ben Hardill - twitter

38. Jamie I - twitter

39. Ben Maxwell (www.onzo.co.uk)

40. Ai Hasegawa - twitter

41. Jeremy Gould - Whitehall Webby / Twitter

42. Jon Menzies-Smith

43. Daniel Would - blog / twitter

44. Roo Reynolds - twitter / blog

45. Tom Taylor - www

46. James Cox - twitter

47. Luke Nicholson (www.moreassociates.com)

48. Andrew Whitehouse - twitter

49. Dan Mauger

50. Joe Short


 We are limited at 50, but please continue to add your name below if you are interested in coming.




If you're not sure, but want to be in the loop, then enter your name under here:


Jamie Andrews - twitter blog

James Thomas - twitter

Tom Dyson - blog

Kris Tuttle - twitter blog

Andy Buckingham - twitter

Nick Haley

Chris Hand - Plus Six Blog 0kWh (current cost) blog 

Tom Raftery - GreenMonk blog, Twitter.com/TomRaftery

Alan Wood - twitter blog 3ffecient

Simon Taylor - EnOcean Web / Twitter

Mark Simpkins - geeKyoto / Twitter

Alexis Biller - twitter / blog (Imperial College alumni, "51st #homecamp associate")

Gavin Bell - twitter.com/zzgavi

Cesar Harada - www | twit | @ (pachube.com)

Kevin Aires - twitter | blog | webpage | TV Channel

Matt Biddulph - twitter.com/mattb (unable to make it, has opened up his slot in the list above).

Graeme Sutherland twitter | blog - Now can't make it.  I just emptied my slot, number 24. Yours if you want it.

Raffi Krikorian - wattzon twitter.com/raffi twitter.com/wattzon

Scott Beatty - wildmeridian twitter

Tristan Ferne - blog (sorry, I can't make it now, so slot 39 is now free...)

Mark Prigg - twitter (unable to make it, opened slot in list)

Nitipal Samsen - dotmancando.net

Riccardo Cambiassi - twitter / blog (I see there's slot 34 free above, but not sure if it's a mistake, in case it's not I'd be glad to participate)

Christian Payne - twitter blog - can't make it now

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